Your Guide to Male G Spot Prostate Massage Orgasms

Some men find it easy to feel a male g spot prostate orgasm and some do not. A lot of men that do not have some initial success tend to give up and do not go on to fully explore this sensitive area. Others take their time to learn how to feel these types of orgasms with self prostate male g spot massage.


One key is to really relax into the sensations when stimulating the male g spot. Letting go and surrendering to pleasure seems to be a key in my experience. Try it with luxury male sex toys available in the market nowadays


This is in contrast to a normal male orgasm where one builds up the energy and tightens up just before the orgasm. Most men are not aware how contracted they become at the point of ejaculation.


It can take some time to develop the skill to fall into the energy and allow it to move thought the body leading to a full body orgasm. Self prostate massage is a great way to practice this method in privacy.


So one key is to scan the body during your practice and see where you tense up. It has even been suggested to take a video of your practice to do the above.


Another tip it to make sounds as this allow the energy to move upwards in the body. A lot of men have trained themselves to make very little sounds when masturbation and in sex. This is usually from self pleasuring as a teen. They did not want their parents to hear so they were totally mute.


This habit repeated again and again is carried on later in life. No man wants to be with a silent woman in lovemaking but most are pretty silent.


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